Partnering With Parents


We involve parent/guardians in the educational activities of our program to enhance their role as the principal influence on the child’s education and development. Parents are encouraged to be active participants in their child’s learning. Some of the ways in which this goal is accomplished are: We identify and reinforce experiences which occur in the home that parents can utilize as educational activities for their children. Parent/Teacher conferences, calls, ongoing parent workshops and orientation are all part of the activities and procedures designed to get parents involved in their children’s education and development and to maintain constant communication.

Whenever possible, a parent is included as the third person in the classroom. The center is open to parents during all program hours. Parents can chaperone children with staff on trips to various places, volunteer in the classroom and be involved in other ways. These activities are designed to increase parents’ knowledge and understanding in their child’s growth and development. Parents are also invited to become part of the School Readiness Team to learn about children’s development and what children should know and be able to accomplish to become school ready.

WHCO prepares parents to be effective advocates for their child’s education and development by offering workshops during the school year on topics related to child growth and development and using alternative ways to foster learning and development. Additionally, we value the role of fathers and other male figures in a child’s life in our program and the impact that their presence has in the school community. Their involvement enhances children’s well-being, increases school readiness and the healthy development of their child.